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Audra Slocum, Ph.D.
Department of Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies


Research Interests:

  • Adolescent Literacies
  • Social Justice
  • English Education
  • Appalachian Studies
  • Critical Place-Conscious Education
  • Multicultural Teacher Education

Current Research Project:

I am currently working with Brandi Weekley, a doctoral candidate, on West Virginian teacher candidates’ perceptions of how our teacher preparation program attends to issues relating to Appalachia.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Audra at

Research Grants:

Hazen, K., and Slocum, A. 2017. Community Studies of Sociolinguistic Change in Appalachia. National Science Foundation. 2017-2021.

Slocum, A. 2014. Derrick Teacher Education Research Grant. 


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Slocum, A. "The Power of Community-based Research in the Appalachian Studies Classroom" Roundtable. Appalachian Studies Annual Conference. Blacksburg, VA: March 2017.

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Slocum, A. and Weekley, Brandi. From Where I Stand: Rural Appalachian adolescents claim epistemic privilege. Appalachian Studies Association, Annual Conference. Boone, NC: March 2013

Bernstein, B.,  Slocum, A., Weekley, B.S. Narratives of Action and Resilience: Documenting Stories of Appalachian Adolescents. Appalachian Studies Association Annual Conference. Boone, NC: March 20-22, 2013


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